Land Rover 90,110 and Defender Restoration Manual (2nd Edition)

Land Rover Series 90, 110 en Defender


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Land Rover Series 90, 110 en Defender

This completely new, all-colour version of a best-selling restoration Manual contains a wealth of new guidance, particularly on later Defender models. Clearly written, extensively illustrated step-by-step procedures describe in detail the restoration of bodywork, mechanicals, interior and electrics, providing owners with an affordable route to ownership of one of the most versatile and robust off-roaders available. This is an essential resource for owners contemplating the restoration of an example of Land Rover’s iconic 4x4.

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With aid of more than 1,600 colour photographs and illustrations, and numerous step-by-step procedures, the down-to-earth text explains:

Buying a 90, 110 or Defender – model timeline, what to look for and what to avoid

Bodywork restoration – removal and refitting details and repair advice for all major body panels, plus details of chassis repairs, body removal, chassis change, and rustproofing

Engine removal and refitting – engine overhaul advice, engine removal and refitting, transmission removal and refitting

Running gear – axles, hubs, differential, drive flanges, braking system components, transmission brake, suspension components, steering components

Electrical equipment – alternator, starter motor, glow-plug testing, headlight replacement, dashboard lights, wiper mechanism, wiring tips

Interior – seats, dash panel, seat belts and headlining